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Rome is back indoor! The city of Rome and RoMan Volley will host the “Caput Mundi” tournament for the second year in a row. “Caput Mundi” is a volleyball tournament dedicated to the LGBT community and friends. Rome is ready to welcome athletes coming from all over Italy and Europe. The tournament will take place between 27-29 April 2018.

The Tournament

The tournament includes 4 different competitions: A, B+, B-, C. Each competition consists in a single round-robin schedule with timed games, meaning that each team plays every other teams in the competition once in timed games. Top-ranked teams will then enter a single-elimination tournament. Each team roster shall consist of minimum 6 players and maximum 9 players at any moment during the tournament games (with no limitations on players’ gender). In case a team could not meet this requirement, players are allowed to be transferred between teams, provided their teams qualify for the same competition level (or lower). Please get in touch with the organizers to submit your transfer request. Team rosters can include the Libero, however, in order to meet the team players minimum number requirement (6 players), the Libero accounts for the seventh player. During the single round-robin phase no timeouts are allowed. Net height is set to 2.43 m (7 feets 11 5/8 inches). Please refer to the Final Program and Rule Book for further information.


Friday, 27th April:

8.00 PM – Welcome Cocktail + Aperitif

RoMan Volley will warmly welcome all participants providing informations and badges for the tournament games and the social events. After registration, don’t miss the welcome cocktail and the dinner buffet.

Saturday, 28th April:

8.30 AM – Breakfast offered to all the participants and accompanying persons registered.

9.30 AM – Tournament Start

1.00 PM – Lunch Break offered to all the participants and accompanying persons registered.

Stop to regain your strength to face the afternoon of sport at best, with packed lunches offered to all accredited athletes and companions.

9.00 PM – Dinner and Awards

00.00 AM – Disco

Dinner is offered to all the participants and accompanying persons registered, together with the Indoor Soccer and Tennis tournaments athletes. After dinner, the Awards for all competitions will be assigned.

Sunday, 29th April:

12.00 AM – Brunch

With Sunday brunch, RoMan Volley will greet the friends who participated and spent time with us in the third edition of RoMan Caput Mundi.

How to subscribe

Please go through the following steps.

  1. Carefully read the tournament Rules;
  2. Fill out and complete the Online Registration Form.

Upon receipt of the registration form, a confirmation message will be sent by email. The registration will only be confirmed if the payment is received. Payment methods:

  1. Paypal, Credit Card, Debit Card.
    You will immediately receive an email confirmation of your subscription.
  2. Bank Transfer.

Account Holders Name: RoMan Volley ASD
Account Holders Address: Via del Velodromo 13, 00179 Rome, Italy
IBAN: IT05Q0832703255000000001493
Bank Name: Banca Credito Cooperativo di Roma

Please note that the subscription is open also to single participants. Remember to choose your preferred competition level. The organizers will suggest you to the best team fitting your level.

Subscription Deadline: 22th April 2018

Registration Categories



Further Important Information

Team Registration will take place on Friday evening at the welcome party. You will be given the participant kit. The kit includes: lunch tickets, dinner tickets, gadgets, social events information and addresses, and the tournament program. Furthermore, please note that every team should deliver the “release of liability agreement” form upon registration. The “release of liability agreement” form should be signed by all the team members and accompanying persons. This agreement dictates that the participants will not hold the organization responsible for things like personal injury, death, or loss of property. It will be soon available online. Net height is set to 2.43 m (7 feets 11 5/8 inches). Italian Volleyball Federation (FIPAV) rules will apply to the tournament. Any questions, disputes or concerns should be addressed to the tournament organizers. For further information please contact us at

Dove dormire

Find out where you can stay during the tournament!

Tournament locations